Feb 26

Mobile Game Trends in 2017

The mobile games market has become saturated, evidenced by the drop in marketplace visibility and the continual rise in the user acquisition. Their projections are a beat higher. It is clear that mobile games are a future considering that we are beginning to see the rise of mid-level independent developers which signify a maturing market. The trends in 2017 will provide far-reaching positive advances in this industry.

To begin with, we will see most developments in multichannel. Consumer needs are tilted towards the fact that they love to move from one device to another. This comes as a common trend considering that people lay hands on the latest gaming attractions the same way bugs are drawn by bright light. It is better to come up with cross-platform apps which further strengthens the relevance of mobile devices as opposed to aggressive strategies aimed at outperforming traditional gaming platforms. People would far much prefer to stream their games at the comfort of their laptops or smartphones which is invaluable in taking the gaming experience to a higher level.

2017 will see the power of virtual reality accelerate to new heights. This concept is not foreign as most games incorporate this aspect which incorporate another layer of realism while playing a game. Despite the fact that the idea was borne into Oculus Rift, other applauded devices such as GearVR and Google Cardboard enables the transformation of your phones into virtual-reality empowered devices. This has already been captured in the Hidden Temple VR Adventure which is popular for providing an entirely full 360 degree view which turns out to be very addictive.

Watch out for a stunning revolution in the graphics field which is aided by the current devices feature powerful GPUs and CPUs. Hence, developers have that vantage point of running graphics which are fluid and stunning. You will interact, at one point or another, with excellent visuals which adds salt to your gaming experience and storytelling. This will result in the combination of game mechanics and graphics which result and a deeply immersing gaming experience. These wonderful graphics usually come in handy in the marketing of the games considering its eye-catching details. This can be seen with the Injustice: Gods Among Us and Asphalt Extreme.

The mobile gaming will see some radical restructuring. Some decisions revolve around re-introduction of old games with updated gaming mechanics and graphics. This comes as a way of satisfying the nostalgia of the old gamers and revitalizing some game franchises. The youth get to enjoy these games the same way older people enjoyed them. In this category, you will see the revival of games like Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot.

The future will see games crafted with some creativity and customization options. The 2017 will see more people become addictive as users will benefit more customization options which personalize their gaming experience. Customization ensures that people become more invested and engaged in a game. This enhancement is a feature which will be cherished by several people considering that it is highly appealing in observing how your own input can make your gaming moment to be yours uniquely.

There will be different kinds of updates coming. Initial updates were just used to correct bugs. However, developers are now going out of their ways to introduce expansions which are more epic. This updates will be meant to offer the highest replay values besides enriching the gaming experience. This will attract new players and retain old players considering that it is based upon the creation of a strong demand and desire among the gamers who have a craving for some engrossing experience.

The role of playing together will be strengthened. We will see some continued trend with games which are based on IP. We are projecting an increase in the number of genres considering that developers come from different backgrounds. Their experiences are what influence what they come up with. Besides the diversity which will satisfy customers from different niches, it will increase competition which is an important element for development.

To sum up, mobile gaming is set to undergo some considerable revolution. There are several variables to exploit in this market. As a gamer, I am still waiting for a mobile game which will penetrate the eSport market. Though I have seen some figments of this experience with Clash Royale, it hasn’t really managed to lay down a benchmark of the working mechanisms of eSports on mobile devices.

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